Dermaplaning Coquitlam is an easy yet robust procedure for exfoliating the skin. Unlike irritating scrubs for tender skin, it employs a sterile blade to scratch off dead skin cells. In the process, the skin is not only smooth and bright but also soft and moist. The benefits are even beyond what I have mentioned above. In this discussion, learn how dermaplaning could be a mechanism that endows your skin with complete potential.

Flawless Makeup Application

It is a game-changer for makeup lovers since it lets you use less, and even when you apply makeup, it stays longer and looks even better. The treatment can give you the smooth, sleek look that no vellus hair produces, also known as peach fuzz. Since this is baby-fine hair, various makeup products get clogged, which makes a cakey look. Therefore, eliminating the presence of fine hair should be the initial step. In addition, dermaplaning reduces the visibility of pores, which can also make it difficult to put on makeup.

Step Up On The Power Of Your Beauty Products

It is becoming so that you might have better results. Dermaplaning in Coquitlam peels off the top dead layer of the skin cells, which blocks the penetration of skincare products. Through this process, you open a way for the active compounds to get deeper into the skin to produce better results. It is quite advantageous as the products can directly address wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

Let The Skin Glow With A Clear, Even Complexion

Sources of exposure to the sun, pollutants, and the body's aging process can result in uneven or darkening skin tone. Dermaplaning is one way of treating this issue by delicately removing the epidermis, which often accumulates dead cells and discoloration. Unveiling such an unblemished, sparkling part of the skin below is the point of the procedure, resulting in the skin looking fresher and even-toned.

Disclosing A More Youthful Face

Besides being the perfect facial that leaves the face looking and feeling marvelous, dermaplaning in Coquitlam has a subtle skin-rejuvenating effect. This process removes dead skin cells, stimulating the production of two vital proteins: collagen, which provides the skin with its elasticity, and elastin, which keeps it looking youthful. The excellent collagen production allows you to obtain a firmer and younger look.


Dermaplaning does run a neck, according to the name in the list of skincare benefits. Not only does it eliminate the controversial dragging effect from makeup application, but it also boosts the absorption of your products and forms brighter, smoother, and even-toned skin. If you're interested in restoring your skin firmness and obtaining a flawless look, dermaplaning Coquitlam could be the answer. Your skin will be fresher and brighter if you make dermaplaning a regular thing. 

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