We all need a luminous smile that can brighten up a room. You have probably considered teeth whitening to give your smile a makeover. There are a lot of methods to get a pearly white smile. So, you should understand which method yields the best results. Let's get to the effectiveness of LED light teeth whitening in Coquitlam compared to traditional methods.

How does LED light teeth whitening work?

LED light teeth whitening is a famous choice for cosmetic dentistry. People who do not like their stained teeth often choose a quick as well as easy method to get bright white teeth. It leverages the power of light and advanced whitening gel. They use a hydrogen peroxide gel to remove the ugly stains from your teeth. This gel is activated by the LED light to fasten the whitening process. The light energy makes it easy to break down the stains on the enamel. When discoloration is removed, you get brighter, whiter teeth underneath.

What makes LED light teeth whitening in Coquitlam stand out?

Traditional methods rely solely on bleaching agents. LED light enhances the whitening process with faster and more noticeable results. In a single session lasting around 90 minutes, you can achieve a 2-10 shades lighter smile. 

LED light teeth whitening is also known for its convenience. Those home whitening kits can be messy and time-consuming. Professional LED light treatments are performed in the office by trained professionals. The addition of vitamin E oil applied to the gums helps minimize any potential sensitivity. 

How does LED light teeth whitening compare to traditional methods?

Traditional whitening methods typically rely on abrasive agents. They use harsh peroxide-based solutions to remove surface stains from the teeth. These methods can produce modest results over time, but they often fall short of deeper intrinsic stains.

LED light teeth whitening is a comprehensive solution that harnesses the power of light energy. This treatment effectively targets stubborn stains that traditional methods may struggle to reach. You can expect whiter teeth in a shorter amount of time with visibly superior results. 

Are LED light teeth whitening right for you?

If you need fast, dramatic results with minimal sensitivity, then go for LED light teeth whitening. However, always consult with a dental professional before taking any treatment. Those experts can help you determine the best solution for your unique smile.

Bottom line

LED light teeth whitening can efficiently brighten your smile compared to traditional methods. Due to innovative technology and proven results, more and more people are choosing LED light teeth whitening. If you also desire a smile that truly shines, then schedule an appointment at Muse and Maven. With their well-known services for teeth whitening in Coquitlam, you can get 2 to 10 shades of whiter teeth in a single 90-minute session. 

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